“Changing your ‘woe its me’; to ‘God is blessing me’, means that no matter what happens, you will feel good about you”


Be Blessed.


“Greatness is not defined in moments of victory; it is defined in the moments after a defeat. ” – Darren Hardy

This quote is for everyone whose moment of greatness is either now or just ahead of them, so stay strong be encouraged and give it one more day to let your true greatness and victory shine through.


Be Blessed !!


Blank Canvas

Today is like a blank canvas & at the end of the day we will have painted a portrait that can never be changed. We control what our portrait`s will look like, by our decisions, actions, and thoughts. I will first seek God for today`s direction, then I will paint some compassion, forgiveness, and love for others I will leave yesterday behind for it is gone and can`t return, I won`t worry about tomorrow`s portrait for it`s time has not come.


Enjoy your portrait.

This morning I was lead to Psalms 20, in the KJV version it is titled “Assurance of God`s Rescue”. No matter your circumstances or belief, I suggest you read it today, it will encourage you, uplift you and give you hope for today. At least it did for me ..


Be Blessed


In Habbakkuk 2:2-3 it states “write the vision and make it plain that he who reads it may run with it” and in verse 3, “the vision is for an appointed time but it will surely come.” 

I`m going to write my vision for the next 6 months and patiently WORK towards my goal. Join me if you want, see it, write it, and then set out to achieve it, doing that alone will allow you to be further along than you are now.


Be Blessed.

Let`s make a declaration to keep fighting! Keep fighting for our families, marriages, children, and our futures; just keep fighting! Don`t lose heart, and DON`T GIVE UP ! (Taken from todays Daily Devotional)


Be Blessed !!

Today`s message is a simple one.. Thank God for real friends, also even in the midst of a storm God provides so give him praise and SMILE =)



Be Blessed .


Today, use the power that you have inside of you (Proverbs) and speak victory, redemption, and prosperity into your life. You have a choice to live or exist; CHOOSE to LIVE AND SPEAK LIFE into your existence. .

Be Blessed !!

Reflection of greatness

When we look in the mirror we see GREATNESS looking back at us. There is no need to be shy about it only humble. I plan to put my GREATNESS to use, how about you?

Just a thought.

This morning you woke up, got up, and showed up. Have you LIFTED UP the very one who woke you up, let you get up, and allowed you to show up?

Be Blessed !!